MembershipsMonthsPrice per month
Membership 1 - Group lessons
First lesson65₪
One lesson100₪
Once a week for 1 month1360₪
Six lessons for 1 month1510₪
Membership 2 - Group lessons
Once a week for 3 months3320₪
Twice a week for 3 months3600₪
Twice a week for half year6560₪
Twice a week for 8 months8520₪
Twice a week for one year12480₪
Three times a week for half year6660₪
Three times a week for one year12600₪
Membership 3 - Group lessons
Free monthly11100₪
Free monthly - 3 months3950₪
Free monthly - 6 months6850₪
Private lessons
Single lesson400₪
Five lessons1750₪
Ten lessons3000₪

1. All classes must be registered in advance.
2. You can register for each lesson two weeks in advance.
Cancellation’s possible up to one day before the date on which the lesson takes place.
4. You can cancel the lesson through our online system ‘my schedule’ – ‘remove’.
5. A rate that has not been canceled on time will be debited and deducted from the total rates recorded to your credit.
6. Subscription Cancellation Policy: With a month’s notice in advance.
7. Do not extend or freeze a subscription.

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